Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I went to the doctor to learn that I had high cholesterol and osteopenia.  I was already suspicious about those things, so I wasn't surprised.  The doctor began to name choices of pills I should take to improve these problems.

Since I was already suspicious, I had researched these medications and let me tell you that I wouldn't take them on a bet.  The list of possible side effects was lengthy and a bit scary.  I already have a sacroiliac joint that gets crosswise with me so I don't want to ask for more problems.

The doctor, who is very good at eye contact, asked me why I get tests if I am not going to take the medicine that will help.  She didn't say heal so I assumed that she didn't expect true healing.  It was a very good question.

I have decided to go for true healing.  I told her I would try to bring the cholesterol down and the bone mass up on my own with healthy living.  She smiled at me and said it was very difficult to do and maybe not even possible.  Well I accepted that challenge and have been looking on the internet for health gurus to tell me how this is done.

I put myself on a diet.  This is what I eat on a day when I am being tough, hanging in there and not cheating.  I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast.  I only use fresh fruit or frozen.  This morning I put a banana, an orange, an apple, blueberries and frozen cherries into my super duper pulverizing blender.  I added some crushed ice and about a cup of water.  Ten I hit the smoothie button.  I added a tablespoon of chia seeds and hit the pulse button a couple of times.  Delicious.  No sugar.  When I feel down I add a tablespoon of pure grade b maple syrup and of course I lick the spoon.  For lunch I might have a broccolli and cauliflower sandwich.  Barely done steamed veggies chopped on Ezekial bread with a smidget of butter and some tomatoes and sprouts.  This is tasty also.  In the evening I eat avocados either on a sandwich or in a salad.  For a snack I have a few nuts or some celery during the day.  I also take calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, and vitamin D3

Since I go to physical therapy for my aching back, I am getting more than the usual amount of exercise.  Today the therapist told me I was improving and would have to think about ending my sessions and maintaining at home.  That is sad. :(

The first two weeks I lost 8 pounds.  This is before I was cheating much.  Today was not my best day.  I had my fruit smoothie.  Then I went to eat with my husband.  I wisely ordered steamed veggies and a small bowl of beans.  He had a stuffed pepper and potatoes with a veggie.  I wanted the meatloaf, but I resisted.  For dinner I got out my avocados while I was fixing the boys hamburgers.  Before I knew it there was a hamburger patty on my avocado sandwich. It was quite tasty too.  Of course tomorrow I will get up and make a smoothie.  We shall see.  One month to go.  I must be more careful.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wear Sunscreen

There is so much truth in this clip, and it is graduation time :).